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Dutchtown MO Locksmith Store St. Louis, MO 314-450-7970Cars today come with modern enhancements that ensure increased protection. However, sometimes all it takes is a little carelessness on our part and we lose access to our car. One of the most common issues that most people often have to deal with is lost car keys. Often, when faced with such problems, the first thing that people do is contact their car dealer to get new car keys made . But are you sure that this is the right thing to do? Car dealers take a long time to make a new car key and they also charge exorbitant rates.

The best option when faced with a lock and key issue is Dutchtown MO Locksmith Store, the best-known locksmith service provider in area. With more than ten years of experience in handling a wide range of lock and key issues we are best equipped to deal with your concerns.

What makes locksmiths better than dealerships?

Cost factor:

When you approach a car dealer to make you a new key, it will cost you a lot of money. If you are looking for a more affordable solution, contacting a locksmith is the best way to get car keys made . Our lock experts can make you high quality keys at a far lesser price than that of a car dealer. They are equipped with a wide array of tools and equipment to cut you a new key in the shortest time and with accuracy and precision.

Save more time:

A car dealer often takes a lot of time to make a new key. While this is fine if you are ready to wait, for someone who needs a new key made at once, a locksmith is a better option. Our technicians can make you a new key in less than an hour.


When you approach your car dealer, you would have to carry all your documents to place your order. However, at Dutchtown MO Locksmith Store all you have to do is call us and we can make you a new key in the shortest time. Also, we come to your place in our well-stocked mobile vans; you never have to come to us or go anywhere when you hire us.

24/7 services

Lock issues happen without notice. You may end up facing a lockout or losing your keys in the middle of the night. At such times, your only option is to call in a 24/7 locksmith service. No matter what time you call us to get new car keys made or for any other service, you can rest assured that we will reach you in less than 15 minutes and offer fast resolution of your concern.

Lost your keys? Call us at 314-450-7970 right away to get car keys made .